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Sunday 12 October 2008

Dear visitors of this website from the International Network for Peace (INP)

We -Marga, Oscar, Juan Cordero, Juan Gutierrez- acting as support-team for Dabne in charge of the website development, welcome you as its first visitors at an early stage of its construction.

As you will notice, what you are visiting now is an unfinished web site needing for its completion your feedbacks, comments and suggestions, and particularly the active participation of our INPs member groups.

Quite a number of sections are still empty waiting for the contributions of their corresponding INP groups. It is bilingual in a non-native imperfect English and Spanish, still not including the planned French and Arabic pages. And very little appears translated from one language into other. At this respect, an effort has been made to establish with a minimal translation links between the contents in different languages.

But try and see how actual, motivating, lively and enjoyable this web site is about to be.

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