International Network for Peace

the net of people deeply affected by political violence

A set of activities to initiate, establish and develop a space in our network both as melting pot of each groups peace actions as an international resource for peace building

Approved unanimously by INP General Assembly held in January-February 2007

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Updated with slight changes

1. That each network group sends to the Steering Committee a report addressed to the full membership and to all peace-concerned persons describing

- both the suffering and grief caused to them by political violence and some of the actions it develops or plans to develop which promote peace,

- and how peace is understood .and promoted by these actions.

That each group periodically reviews, amplifies and updates this report.

2.-That the new StC builds a commission or taskforce -possibly coopting some engaged experts-:

- to promote cross-fertilization among the groups through a dialogue about these reports, with the aim to develop this space of exchanges from a melting pot to a peace laboratory,

- to establish guidelines for the inclusion of the reports in the networks web-site,

- to draft outreach strategies to spread though civil society,, , mass media and democratic institutions the knowledge and messages created in this space.

Arguments an Explanation forwarded in INP´s General Assembly for this set of activities

This is not a short termed, but a permanent set of activities.

It is based

- on the conviction that each genuine peace effort undertaken by a group of persons deeply affected by violence is appealing for every person longing for peace, attracts solidarity, support, and becomes  in a certain way a illuminating example to be adapted in a creative way by other groups  and reproduced in their different places, settings, and circumstances;.

- on the belief that a joint network activity in the global arena has to be rooted in the diverse peace efforts undertaken locally by each of network members. In comparison a joint network activity in the global arena detached from these roots , would sound a bit void  and by the end of the day as a pathetic petition from the powerless to powerholders to undertake by themselves the peace work.

- and, last but not least, on the assumption . that the process of each group to choose, explain and shape its own peace actions for its display as examples for other INP groups and for each person longing for peace, stimulates to a great extent internal group participation,  enhances and strengthens its self-awareness and togetherness..

This set of core activities would substantially transform the nature of INP, Initially we have conceived it as a network of peace-engaged affected groups and persons, as a sort of club with active and passive members. By including however this set of activities INP will become a network of active participants, being this participation a criteria for membership.

This proposal refers to an internal network activity, which is however as well /an essential part for different outreach activities. As melting pot /peace laboratory we will be for instance entitled to:

- extend to all groups of victims the invitation to send us also reports about how they focus peace and what they undertake in this sense.

- convene and held conferences, and all kind of workshops about peace-building as response to violence

- offer a significant contribution in the field of peace education.

- develop exchanges with all kinds of groups and institutions working for peace.

- attract sponsors

This set of activities is step by step feasible. It would gradually demand more effort and resources particularly for the commissions work, but each step should promote participation and attract the resources required for the following step.

In a short period of time INP may have already put together a unique collection of reports, narratives, brochures, giving testimony of different ways action for peace can take place in the fields of educatíon, remembrance, art, exhibitions, public events. media. This can be achieved, just putting together materials which Peaceful Tomorrows, The Parents Circle, Asociación 11-M Afectados Terrorismo, Institute for Healing of Memories, Building Bridges for Peace, Interessengemeinschaft 13 Februar 1945, Orphans of Rwanda and other member groups would put at INP´s disposal building a resource and inspiration pool.

At a medium term this might be as well the starting point for a more participatory process in which all other groups including newcomers will be asked to present their activities and materials and to comment the activities and materials displayed by all other groups. During this time the pool would gradually develop to a sort of fair and the participation of members in each group, connection among groups and togetherness may greatly develop in INP.

And then in the long term the pool already established should continue as a permanent space of exchanges and laboratory of peace and healing.

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